Cake Ninjas in Sydney

Ordering a buttercream cake online is no easy feat. It’s currently a series of emails trying to communicate to multiple bakers what the cake pricing is, what modifications are available and what prices are associated with each cake. Nothing much is really transparent, it’s a quote and there’s really no structure as to why your cake suddenly went from $85 to $150. As with most niche cake bakers, there no reviews around on the site so when you’re asked to transfer the full amount, praying that it’ll turn out great – it’s really a gamble. That being said, the price is almost always worth the “OOH”s and “AAH”s that you get with one of these buttercream cakes.

On a side note, I don’t understand why there isn’t a desserts or bakery marketplace where customer can order sweets or cake delivered, easily? Seems like there’s a multitude of the same type of food delivery startups like Foodora, MenuLog, UberEats and Deliveroo all trying to fight with each other so that they get my once a month, $35, lazy pad Thai night? When there seem to be a big opportunity for a desserts ordering/delivery service that takes the hassle out of organising birthday, special occasions where I’d assume anxious 21 year olds are keen to splurge on their big day.

I have noticed, however, a startup called getFoodi that is trying to tackle such an opportunity. It could be interesting how this marketplace would turn out as I can imagine Aussies, being the Foodies that we are, are not just into savouries and that desserts and baked goods can be a good opportunity to explore… It would also mean that my lazy once a month pad Thai night can turn into a, not so boring, once-a-week cake binge 🙂